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    We are Lansing area's destination for beer and wine making supplies, accessories and information. Our store is located in Grand Ledge, MI. We're also the home to the Red Ledge Brewers Homebrew Club.


Frequently Asked Questions 


General Q’s:

Didn’t you used to be open on Mondays?
Not in the 14 years we’ve been in business.

Do you sell beer and wine?
No, we sell everything you need to make beer and wine.

Why did you call it “The Red Salamander”?
To sum it up: Karl is very fond of reptiles and amphibians and has found Red Salamanders to be abundant in Grand Ledge.

Beer Q’s:

How many bottles does 5 gallons make?
About 52 bottles (12 oz.)

How much corn sugar do I use to carbonate 5 gallons of beer? 
3/4 of a cup for 5 gallons. 1 cup if you’re making 6 gallons.

What temperature should my ale ferment at? 
Room temp. is ideal for ales, between 60-75°.  Cooler temps will slow the fermentation and warmer will speed it up.  If your temp is too warm, the fermentation could pop the lid right off your bucket/carboy and make a big mess.

Wine Q’s:

What size corks should I buy?
Standard wine bottles use 9 x 1 3/4 corks, but if you are using a “twin lever” corker try 8 x 1 3/4.

My grandfather’s ancient fruit wine recipe says to put in raisins, should I use them? 
Only if you want your wine to have a raisin flavor.  Prior to today’s technology and knowledge, people used common items for adjuncts – like adding raisins for tannin.

How do I make sweet wine?
First off, always ferment until it’s completely done and dry.  Once you’re there, add a preservative (like Potassium Sorbate) to prevent refermentation, then add the desired amount of sugar to sweeten it up.